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    Fuse ActiveMQ Topic not deleting messages

    Milan Milas Newbie

      I am using default configuration for ActiveMQ broker on ESB and have

      camel rute that sends messages to Topic.


      I was expecting that Topic will be deleting messages if there are not active Subscribers

      - I am using durable subscribers.

      I have specified :




      If a consumer is stopped it will disappear from ActiveMQ web console but messages coming

      will not be deleted.

      As well if consumer is reading from the Topic messages will stay there.






      One thing to mention is that what I am looking at is Messages Enqueued and Messages Dequeued.


      If consumer is not durable subscriber, Messages Dequeued will be incremented and Messages Enqueued will never be decremented.

      I was expecting to get Messages Dequeued incremented as well with durable consumers.