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    Creating/Installing Custom Feature with config properties

    Constantine Vasilyev Newbie



      I am creating a custom feature that includes my custom bundles, as well as the necessary dependency bundles and features. My feature is configured to pull my bundles from a Maven repository.  So far, everything is clear. However, as most applications, my bundles rely on configuration files: myapp.cfg, as well as a number of configuration properties files that I need to be deployed under etc/conf.   One of my build artifacts is a distribution package that, in addition to the bundle jars contains the /conf directory with the properties files my application needs to have externalized. Until now, during the development and testing, I used that distro artifact to manually drop the bundle jars into <karaf-home>/deploy, and the /conf folder - into <karaf-home>/etc directory.


      Question: Is there a way to install externalized configuration files automatically as part of the feature, in the same way the bundles and dependencies are installed, when I run the "features:install " command?  I couldn't find any examples. Or do they have to always be copied manually into /etc?