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    Fuse ESB Enterprise and Mediation Router

    Martin Ford Newbie



      What's the relationship between Fuse ESB, Fuse ESB Enterprise and Fuse Mediation Router? Is the Mediator Router 'bundled' with Fuse ESB and not Fuse ESB Enterprise?


      I ask because I'm having an issue with sending multipart emails from a camel route in a bundle installed in Fuse ESB Enterprise 7.1.0.


      This issue was fixed in Fuse Mediation Router 7.0.1 (MR-625), and I do not get the issue if I install the bundle in Fuse ESB 7.1.0.


      Unfortunately the Enterprise version does not appear to contain this fix (a change to etc/jre.properties). In which case should I be running Fuse Mediation Router and Fuse ESB Enterprise?



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          Claus Ibsen Master

          Yes Camel is included in Fuse ESB and Fuse ESB Enterprise.

          The latter is using a newer version of Camel, eg 2.10, where as Fuse ESB is using 2.9.


          The etc/jre.properties file is not from Camel, but in fact from the Karaf container. And likewise Fuse ESB uses Karaf 2.2.x, and Fuse ESB Enterprise is using Karaf 2.3.x.


          In your case you can change the imports in jre.properties to get this working in your system. But bear in mind such as change is a global change, and can cause side effects for other parts. You can do this change in the Fuse ESB Enterprise product as well.