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    Is an XA transaction really atomic?

    Alexander Durnev Newbie

      It seems that I'm not completely understand how an XA transaction works. I thought that it is atomic: I thought that when I commit a transaction, then new messages and new data will be available in the same time.


      This misunderstanding led me to the following issue: new rows are inserted to DB and a message is sent to a queue in a transactional route. In another route the message is received. Then this route tries to perform some manipulations with the rows that were inserted in the previous route. But it doesn't see them!


      The second route is configured so it rolls back a message to the queue when an exception is happened. And I see that after a second run the route sees the rows!


      As a conclusion I would ask the next questions:


      1. Is an XA transaction really atomic?

      2. If no, how can I configure commit order for my transactional resources?


      Additional note: the issue is found in Fuse ESB/ServiceMix 4.4.1