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    CXF 2.6: cxfrs Resource classes are no longer executed?

    Lekan Omotayo Expert

      I am testing cxfrs on the new cxf 2.6 and I have my beans defined below:




      With cxf 2.4, Path URIs are defined in the resource beans in v1RestRequestServicesBeans and camel sends request to this class and the Path URI function codes are executed. See sample below:






           public String getJson(String json) throws Exception


                Request request = (Request) jsonDataTransformApi.unmarshall(json,Request.class);


                String restRequest = xmlDataTransformApi.marshall(request);

                return restRequest;               



      However it appears the codes in this Path URI are no longer executed in CXF 2.6. Can anyone confirm this? If true, is there any particular reason why it is so and how can one directly process requests meant for specific URI Path without having to be writing if else on the request path URI?