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    SMX 4.4.1 fuse-03-06: None of the policy alternatives can be satisfied

    Vish P Newbie

      I have coded a JaxWS client using CXF and am using it to send a soap request using the JaxWS Dispatch mechanism. When I run it as a standalone project it works fine. But when run within the SMX deployment, it fails with the error "None of the policy alternatives can be satisfied".


      The websvc I am trying to call uses basic username/pwd auth and I am not setting /enforcing any policies myself. So I suppose the different behavior within SMX is due to some unintended configuration options in that env deployment.


      I see the some posts on this error, recommend importing additional cxf xmls for CXF versions < 2.4.0 - but my installation has CXF 2.4.3, so I suppose I am okay there.


      Since I am new to SMX, I am faced with the task of understanding the deployment to figure out this issue. Was wondering if anyone had any quick pointers to what the issue could be...