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    fuse esb cannot start installed OSGi bundle

    Li Wang Newbie

      I want to create a OSGi bundle which can be deployed with fuse esb from a jar file. I got floodlight.jar in target folder with ant build. I have tested the floodlight.jar with:

               java -jar floodlight.jar

      It runs good.


      Then create a OSGi bundle from floodlight.jar with bnd:

               java -jar bnd.jar wrap floodlight.jar

      this results a OSGi bundle named floodlight.bar.


      Then I manually deploy it at FUSE ESB console.

               karaf@root> osgi:install -s file:/home/user/Dir/to/floodlight.bar

      Got bundle ID: 255

               karaf@root> osgi:list

               [[ 255]] [[Active]] [[ 60]] floodlight (0)

      The problem is that the bundle is installed, but cannot get started. I have used > osgi:start 255, but got no response. Any one can help me with it?