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    Camel doesn't recognize faults as exceptions

    Alexander Durnev Newbie

      I've encountered a very strange problem with Fuse ESB 7.1.0: when a cxf endpoint produces a fault, then this fault doesn't look like an exception, so I can't process it using doCatch construction.

      The cxf endpoint is defined as follows:





      And here is a short code snippet where I expect an exception:




      I've tried to add handleFault="true" attribute to both a camel context and a route, but without success.

      A bundle with a similar parameters and routes has worked as expected on Fuse ESB/ServiceMix 4.4.1, so it looks like a regression or maybe something has changed in camel in the new release?


      Another interesting moment is that when a web server is not available, then camel produces org.apache.cxf.interceptor.Fault, so it can't be handled as an exception!


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