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    Basic authentication on "To" endpoint in a camel route

    Raghuveer Vojjala Newbie


      I need to invoke an external web service from my application in Servicemix. This external Web service needs username and password for the basic authentication.


      My route looks simple:




      In other words, how can I add SOAP header for WSSE for an external web service.


      Appreciate your response.


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          Freeman(Yue) Fang Master



          I think you mismatch some concept.




          is used for http basic auth, that said, it will add username/password http header.

          But from your description your external webservice is expecting ws-security UsernameToken header, it's soap header and has nothing to do http basic auth.


          And I suggest you use camel-cxf endpoint to talk to external webservice, where you can easily configure the WSS4JInterceptor to add UsernameToken soap headers to the outbound message.