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    myBatis and config file


      I have mybatis working but i am now at the stage where we need to deploy to an external ESB so need to externalise the config settings (we'll be using FMC).


      I've attached my SqlMapConfig.xml which is working but i've now changed it to have property placeholders which has stoped it working.


      Is this possible and if so, where am i going wrong?


      myBatis: v3.1.1

      ESB: vfuse-esb-7.1.0.fuse-047

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          Well its really MyBatis which parses its own configuration file. So I suggest to look at the MyBatis project and see what kind of property placeholder functionality it supports (if any).


          I think this is can be a common use-case for others, so fell free to keep us posted. Maybe if MyBatis has some hooks we can integrate that with Camel's property placeholder. Or let camel-mybatis pre-parse the configuration file, and replace placeholders first. Though the latter is a bit harder as we can only do a textual search/replace. Where as MyBatis better understand it's own configuration format than we do.

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            As a quick solution i went with the inbuilt properties file with mybatis.


            When i get some more time i'll have a play around and see how this could work with FMC and report back.


            Thanks Claus.