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    custom load balancer / failover component handling an exception...

    Richard T Newbie



      I have a camel route that has an activemq producer that sends messages to a primary

      node while available. if the connection to the primary node fails then the messages should be sent to the backup node.


      something like this:





               .to("activemq-node1", "activmq-node2");


      so this basically works but my problem is that I need to

      sense/determine which node is active when switchover occurs.


      so I tried to use the custom LoadBalancerSupport (as per Fuse documentation)




         .loadbalancer(new MyLoadBalancer())

            .to(....., .....);


      expecting that when an exception occurs on one of the nodes that I could catch it and determine which node is the one that failed.


      unfortunately, this does not seem to happen....

      my load balancer class follows:


      public class ErrorHandler extends LoadBalancerSupport {

           private static final Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ErrorHandler.class);

           static int NUM_PROCESSORS = 2;

           int which = 0;


          public boolean process(Exchange exchange, AsyncCallback callback) {

              String body = exchange.getIn().getBody(String.class);

              logger.info("ErrorHandler: got message:"+ body);

              System.out.println("ErrorHandler: got message:"+ body);

              try {

                   logger.info("ErrorHandler: going to:"which" processor");

                   System.out.println("ErrorHandler: going to:"which" processor");


              } catch (Throwable e) {

                   logger.info("ErrorHandler: caught an exception:"+e.getMessage());

                   System.out.println("ErrorHandler: caught an exception:"+e.getMessage());

                   which = (++which) % NUM_PROCESSORS;




              return true;



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