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    Issues with Camel-http4

    Raghuveer Vojjala Newbie

      I am trying to use camel-http4. This bundle is installed and is active. 


      When I try to get HttpComponent as below:


      HttpComponent httpComponent = context.getComponent("http4", HttpComponent.class);


      I have been getting an error message "Did not find component given by the name: http4"


      I tried to add "http4" just to try out something as :

                   Component c = new HttpComponent();

                   context.addComponent("http4", c);


      And I try to create an Endpoint as:

      final Endpoint https4Endpoint = jettyComposite.createEndpoint("https4://localhost/Service...?bridgeEndpoint=true&throwExceptionOnFailure=false");


      Then it throws the following error

      "unsupported protocol: 'https4'"


      Can someone please help me?