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    ActiveMQ standalone starts own broker


      I've just installed activemq-console in standalone mode. But when i then try to start up my activemq container (installed by FMC on the same box) i get the attached error, as another broker has been started - the web console broker.


      If i do: lsof -i -n | egrep 'COMMAND|LISTEN'

      I see: java      12834 artifactory  241u  IPv6 592091      0t0  TCP (LISTEN)


      My config settings in catalina.sh are as follows:


      #ActiveMQ Web Console

      JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dwebconsole.type=properties -Dwebconsole.jms.url=tcp:// -Dwebconsole.jmx.url=service:jmx:rmi://





      The JMX url is what FMC tells me (just changed the IP to be local) so i presume this is correct. The user/password are the same as what FMC uses.


      My ActiveMQ container is setup as follows: