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    CamelBlueprintTestSupport expectedMinimumMessageCount sometimes works

    Milan Milas Newbie

      My test never works in JUnit Debug mode

      and if I use run as JUnit it works sometimes?

      If I do get "OK" response I know that the message has gone through the route, as well

      I can see log from ExchangeInvestigationProcessor in the route.


      It hangs on assertMockEndpointsSatisfied() as Mock.body[] = 0, but it should have 1 message.


          public void testCxfUsingClient() throws Exception {



              // create the webservice client and send the request

              OrderEndpoint client = createCXFClient();


              String out = client.order("testCxfUsingClient", 1, "milan");


              // assert we got a OK back

              assertEquals("OK", out);

              // assert expectations