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    Camel auditing to SQL and exchange recover

    Milan Milas Newbie

      I need a guidance how to implement Auditing in Camel to SQL database as well as

      storing failed messages to a database. There should be as well UI for pushing messages

      back to the camel.



      I would like to send Exchange to SQL database after every endpoint.

      Message will first go to the AuditActiveMQ queue from where it would be stored to MS SQL database.



      I would like to send failed Exchange to to ErrorActiveMQ queue from where they would go as well to MS SQL database. There should be UI that could requeue them to the

      original Endpoint if message stored is original or to the endpoint where message has failed if message is the changed one, not original. Stack trace should be peristed as well.


      I need a guidance to what is possible and which component to use.

      I can see that there might be implementation of the Message Store in the version 3.0 and that discussion is on the way.


      I might as well skip sending audit to SQL after every endpoint but instead attach history

      to the message itself and if there is exception this would be sotrred to SQL as well.