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    How to enable camel-jetty to use default jetty-port in etc/jetty.xml

    Manoj R Newbie



      I created a jetty endpoint and I would like it to use default jetty port specified in jetty.xml which specifies 8181. But the jetty endpoint takes the default port as '80' since it uses http component.


      endpoint = "";

      from("jetty:" endpoint"/login") => takes the port as '80'



      whereas a cxfendpoint specified takes the default jetty port in jetty.xml

      ENDPOINT_URL = ""

      <camelcxf:cxfEndpoint id="loginConsumer"


      takes the port as 8181 => http://localhost:8181/services/Login


      I want the jetty component to use the port number in jetty.xml


      Here are the environment details

      Fuse ESB 7.0.0.fuse-061

      camel 2.9


      I will be really helpful if someone could guide me on this.

      Thanks in Advance