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    Adding JMS route may block

    Scott C Newbie

      According to this issue which was resolved in Camel 2.10, a Camel AddRoute may block when using AMQ failover and one broker is down.





      My Camel route hangs although my distributed brokers are all active.   


      I'm using Fuse Camel 2.8.0. 

      - The route consumes from a durable JMS topic

      - It works perfectly when the brokerURL uses a single broker,

      - The route hangs on startup when the brokerURL contains "failover://(ssl://node:port,ssl:node:port)"


      I've independently confirmed distributed broker connectivity using the Fuse mq-client sample app


      When a timeout setting is used in the failover brokerURL, the route will start, but throws an exception (which I have not yet attempted to handle), and the route is not added.


      Any suggestions?



      --scott c.