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    How to run a bundle in a host but register with FUSE ESB in another host?

    Li Wang Newbie

      Previously, I install and start a bundle with FUSE ESB in the same machine. I did it by:

      FuseESB:karaf@vm2>install file:/.m2/dir/to/mybundle


      But now I need the bundle to run in a different host from FUSE ESB. I am not sure if this can be called as remote service.


      Here is my experiment environment:


      I have two hosts:

      Host1 IP:

      Host2 IP:


      FUSE ESB Enterprise is installed on Host2

      I create a OSGi bundle floodlight with maven. I want this bundle to run on Host1 but be registered to FUSE ESB on Host2.


      I have searched a lot online and find one possible way to do it. But I am not sure if this is correct:


      create a repository on Host1

      put floodlight bundle in this repository

      install the bundle to FUSE ESB on Host2 from the repository on Host1 and start it


      In this way, it seems FUSE ESB will download the bundle to Host2 first and install, run it locally. So that floodlight bundle is still installed and running on the same host as FUSE ESB does.


      If this way is correct, how can I set up a repository? Is there a tutorial about this?

      If this way is incorrect, anyone can help me with it?


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