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    <onException> with redelivery then<errorHandler  type="DeadLetterChannel"/>

    Milan Milas Newbie



      I have created test route and what I want to achieve is:

      1. Have redelivery policy set to =3

      2. If Retry fails do some logic(logging,sending mail)

      3. Send original message to DeadLetterQueue, so I can later on move it back to queue


      I could use DeadLetterChannel from errorHandler for delivery to queue if it is used without


      But I was expecting that errorHandler will pick up exception after adding onException as

      handled = false in onException.


      I wouldnt use onException , errorHandler  would be ok if I could do some operations

      such as sending email before sending to DeadLetter.



                   <log message="Exception has occured message Body: $"/>