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    share the same security context in the webconsole and container in AMQ 5.x?

    Ramzy JELASSI Newbie


      I have the following question: is it possible to have a shared security context between the embedded AMQ broker in Fuse Enterprise 7.1 container and its embedded web console ? My main goal is to allow any user to connect to the AMQ web console ( or Fuse MQ if you want ) while relying on a JAAS authentication and authorization ( based on an Apache DS for example) and once authenticated , the given user will have access only to the destinations whose access was assigned to him in the container itself.


      All the provided tutorials or examples cover exclusevely the container security ( either in the standalone AMQ or in Fuse ESB itself) and there is nothing regarding combining a shared authorization between the container and the webconsole.

      Is this possible in the current version of AMQ ? if yes , can you please provide a step by step configuration approach?