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    Services with CXF doesn't refresh when a bundle is deployed

    chubutin Newbie

      Hi! im having problems when I deployed some bundles.




      OS: Ubuntu 12.04

      Fuse Version: jboss-fuse-6.0.0.redhat-024


      This is the test:


      - Some CXF-Camel (BookingInformationService) services deployed in Fuse

      - Check if the service is deployed

      - Deploy the wrap project (jaxrpc-api-osg)

      - The CXF-Camel service is off. If I login to the web console and refresh the service it will be available again.



      Why Fuse turn off that services when the wrap project is deployed.


      I attached that two projects.





      BTW, I am interested in how Fuse imports libraries. This is an artificial scenario:


      Service1 (packaged as KAR) with bundles liba and libb.

      Service2 (packaged as KAR) with bundles liba and libc.


      How Karaf process the liba? When I deploy Service2 liba is refreseh and if it has a change in liba the Service1 is refreshed?



      Thank you!


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