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    Best practices to gobernance large projects

    chubutin Newbie

      Hello. We are in the middle of a transition to Fuse 6. We are having troubles to gobernate the deploy folder in large projects.


      We have large universe of projects with:


      - Legacy Jars.

      - Jars created by us (they are bundles) like the SEIs projects.

      - Commons-dependencies (as bundles, created by us or wrappers of others jars).

      - References (dependencies) between projects.

      - Services packaged as .kar files


      At this moment we are deploying all the bundles, jars, services in the deploy folder, but that approach is not clean for us, because as the amount of jars and services are increasing the governance of that folder could be impossible.


      We are thinking on creating a kar file for complex services (camel, cxf, jms, ftp) and  simple jar bundles for little services (eg proxy service) or libraries (eg entities and SEI) following the old school of SMX3 (SU, Shared libs and components).


      Is this approach the appropriate?  or are we leaving some problem uncovered?