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    ejbFinders are not even consistent with themselves?

    Simon Godden Newbie

      If I am running in READ_COMMITTED isolation, then the only guarantee that I have is that each individual SQL query I issue will run over a consistent view of the database, with no outstanding work to be committed. Changes may be committed between queries.

      So I could sum up the gross and nett weight on a load of order lines with the statement

      SELECT SUM(nett_weight), SUM(gross_weight) FROM order_lines WHERE....

      Now if I use an ejb finder to retrieve the instances

      SELECT OBJECT(o) from OrderLine WHERE ...

      One query is used to get the list of ids.

      Now as I read through the returned collection and load the state of each object, a new query is issued to the database to load the state of the object.

      The problem is that as I read through the returned order lines, another transaction may have committed changes on the lines I haven't read yet (still satisfying the conditions of read committed), and I am working with inconstent data.

      If I was working with Hibernate or manual JDBC, I at least have the option to do everything in one query. With the fundamental way that ejb finders work, I cannot do that, and run far greater risk of working on inconsistent data.

      Is this analysis correct?