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    Upgrade Spring to 3.1.x within Fuse ESB 4.x

    Sushil Joshi Newbie

      We've been using Fuse ESB 3.6 for a long time now, making use of several features. Our application (JBI SA) deployed in it makes use of Spring 3.1.2.RELEASE and Hibernate 4.1.2.Final. To get better support and to avail additional features provided by ESB 4.x, we decided to migrate. However, we've hit a roadblock on the issue of using Spring 3.1.x within Fuse ESB 4.5.1 (which uses Spring-3.0.7.RELEASE).

      In the previous version of ESB, we could simply put in upgraded jars for Spring inside the lib folder and they would be part of classpath, but that doesn't work with ESB 4.x.

      If someone knows how to do this, please help me out. Any help would be appreciated.