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    A few questions about Fuse Fabric

    Derek Abdine Newbie

      Hello! I'm currently analyzing whether Fuse Fabric makes sense for a few scenarios I have at my company. At a high level, we're essentially building a "cloud of clouds" where there are common components in a public cloud that are pulling in information from multiple (N customers -- lets say thousands) private clouds. Inside the customer clouds we've identified a need to use OSGi specifically for some of its properties around bundle lifecycles. I have a few questions:


      1. Is there any information on businesses currently using Fuse Fabric deployments? How large their deployments are, etc.?

      2. Is it possible to utilize the configuration management and deployment properties of Fuse Fabric across multiple separate clouds in a way that also provides a level of isolation (as far as configuration properties, etc. go) and that allows us to centralize configuration management? My understanding at the moment is that I would create a new fabric for each customer deployment during the provisioning process -- though I would need to manage all the fabrics -- I could imagine creating a Federated management interface to deploy new configurations to all fabrics under management -- does something like this exist? Is there another way I should be thinking about this issue?

      3. When creating new containers using the ssh command I noticed the scripts run on the target will end up downloading a fuse distribution from fusesource. Is that distribution configurable (I would want it to come from a hosted OBR as well as customize the dist package with specific oem settings, etc.).

      4. Is there a way to centralize JMX/log information within a fabric ensemble? I see that hawtio does aggregate JMX/log info but it isn't clear whether this is from all containers or just the main container.


      Thanks in advance & cheers!