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    Migrate Bundle developed for FUSE ServiceMix 4.3.1 to FUSE ServiceMix4.4.1

    sunil singh Newbie

      Can Some one provide me a compatibility Matrix for All APIs in FUSE ServiceMix 4.3.1 with FUSE ServiceMix 4.4.1 .


      As I am facing compilation error when I try to Start my bundle which is running fine in FUSE ServiceMix 4.3.1 but give compilation error in FUSE ServiceMix 4.4.1.


      I need complete detail of Classes that are deprecated or moved to some other package or renamed with new name.


      Can Some one provide me full Compatibility Matrix of ServiceMix 4.3.1 with ServiceMix 4.4.1, So that I can change code in my bundle to run it in FUSE ServiceMix 4.4.1