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    New to Camel - POJO to different XML Object Transformation


      Requirement :

      1. Convert POJO to a different XML Object and embed this XML into SOAP message and place a web service call.

      2. Get the response from web service ( which is in a different format  - Object ) and convert this XML Object into POJO which can be consumed by the application.


      I know we can have object to xml conversion directly but here I want to have the xml in different format. I am looking for any technology by which this work is acheivable.

      For Requirement#1 : I have used Velocity to convert POJO to XML and have written java code to embed xml into SOAP message and make the web service call and For Requirement#2 I am trying to use BeanIO.


      Please help me out here as I am not sure my approach to this problem is good.... and I think Camel has the capability to acheive this .... but not sure how to do it....

      If you give me links and steps I will work from there..... Please help me out......