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    Upgrade the Fuse ESB Camel Core Version

    Mahesh Chandrasekaran Newbie



      I want to try the latest version of the Fuse ESB Camel core. I have already installed the Fuse IDE version 7.2.129 and which has pre-installed camel-core version 2.10. But I would like to try out the latest Camel-core version 2.12 to explore some new features.


      Is there any way to upgrade the camel-core version from 2.10 to 2.12 ?


      Is there Fuse ESB IDE that will have has pre-installed camel-core version 2.12 ?


      I've done enough browsing to upgrade the camel-core, but found no definite info in the internet.


      Any help would be highly appreciated !




      Mahesh Chandrasekaran


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