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    Is entry order in manifest.mf/jboss-deployment-structure.xml considered during class loading?

    Vitaly Gorbunov Newbie

      We are migrating from JBoss 3.2.8.SP1 to JBoss 7.2.0 and we had the following approach for application patching:

      MANIFEST.MF for wars/jars had number of slots for patches at the beginning of classpath like:

      Class-Path: lib/patch01.jar lib/patch02.jar lib/patch03.jar lib/patch04.jar lib/{other libraries}


      So search order during classloading does matters for us, but it seems that we can't rely on it in jboss 7.2.



      1) Can we control search order during classloading for jars in EAR's lib folder?

      2) Is order from MANIFEST.MF Class-Path entry considered?

      3) Is order of <resource-root> entries from jboss-deployment-structure.xml <resources> tag entry considered? (I'm thinking to use it as replacement for manifest.mf approach)