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    What version of JBPM with Wildfly and JDK 8?

    Daniel Johnson Newbie

      We are planning to use jbpm with wildfly and jdk 8.  I've been able to get the 6.1.0.FINAL binaries down from nexus and have had some success getting it to work.  I had no luck with 6.1.0RC1 or 6.0.3.  I also see current development is on the 6.2 branch.


      Which branch should I be using?  Our prod release is maybe 6 months out, so we have time for things to gel.


      What are the rough release dates for 6.1.0.FINAL and 6.2?  I'm not expecting commitments, but something like 6.1.0.FINAL will be within 3 months... 6.2 will be within a year... just some idea.




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