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    How to get child process instance id from parent process instance id JBPM 5.4

    Myank Jain Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      There is a specific requirement in my project to get the child process instance id from parent process instance id. I have read couple of discussions but unable to drive the solution for it.


      Scenario: I have a parent process say ParentProcess.bpmn2 which internally calls the sub process ChildProcess.bpmn2. While starting the process (ParentProcess.bpmn2 ), it will return me the process instance id created of parent process not of the child process. As I am persisting the parent process instance id in DB to query the user assigned task associated to process instance id to get task assigned to user and complete the task.


      Is there any way to retrieve child process instance id if I have parent process instance id? I have read couple of blogs mentioned below but couldn't help.


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