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    How to modify login page in Kie Drools Workbench 6.1.0. Final?

    Javier Perez Newbie

      Hello everybody,
      I'm trying to modify kie drools workbench login page, its path is /kie-drools-wb/kie-drools-wb-webapp/src/main/webapp/login.jsp, I make the changes, then I make Run As -> Maven build successfully in kie-drools-wb Project, which is composed by kie-drools-wb-distribution, kie-drools-wb-distribution-wars and kie-drools-wb-webapp.
      The problem is that if I open /kie-drools-wb-distribution-wars/src/main/ I see several folders as jbossas7, tomcat7, ... and these folders have also a login.jsp page, these login.jsp aren't modified when I build the Project and when I deploy .war file the changes made in /kie-drools-wb/kie-drools-wb-webapp/src/main/webapp/login.jsp aren't shown in the deployment.

      Is it necessary to modify jbossas7/login.jsp, tomcat7/login.jsp, ... one by one to see the changes in the .war deployment?.

      Is it possible to change only a login.jsp and when I build the Project these changes are copied in jbossas7/login.jsp, tomcat7/login.jsp,...?.

      Thank you and regards.