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    change JBOSS_BASE_DIR to start different server deployments

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      inside the standalone.bat is defined the variable JBOSS_BASE_DIR.

      Now I had the idea to create diffenrent standalone_x.bat files and set the JBOSS_BASE_DIR variables to different directories.

      So it should be possible to install only one WildFly server, and start different standalone servers with different deployments and ports.


      But when I start the standalone_b.bat which points to JBOSS_BASE_DIR=%JBOSS_HOME%\standalone_a,

      WildFly wants to read the configuration file from %JBOSS_HOME%\standalone

      It seems, that WildFly do not take the defined JBOSS_BASE_DIR to the property jboss.server.base.dir

      Setting the property jboss.server.base.dir with -D from the commandline is also not working.


      I wanted to prevent different full installation of WildFly on one machine. and copy and change only the standalone_x directories.

      Like it worked with JBoss 5


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