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    Is there any way to save the human task data

    Myank Jain Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      Is there any way through which we can save the data associated to human task?


      Scenario: I have a process in which a human task is created and assigned to a user. User log in to application and able to see the task assigned to him. I have two actions at UI (Save and Complete). Upon clicking the first action i.e Save, I want to transfer the UI parameters as object (which I am doing currently) to process to save the information into the DB.


      As I don't see any mechanism to save the task, I am competing and recreating the task again in a loop. Could anybody please suggest the good design or api which I am missing.


      Any help would be appreciated.




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          mdegan Newbie



          Some code information on what you do when you click the save button will help. Ideally, saving the form (human task) data should be handled as part of your application logic. You can then use the getTaskService().completeWithResults(taskId,userIdentity,resultMap) to complete the task. If you only want to save some data without completing the task, please use your application logic to save the entered data but do not call the completeTask api all. When you want to complete the task, your application logic should retrieve the already saved partial data and display to the user for them to add the rest of the info. On clicking complete, you can then save your form data into the db and also call the comlpeteTask api call. You need to implement getTaskService to return an instance of taskService that is connected to Human task Server.