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    rich:tabPanel or rich:tab




      I am new to Richfaces. I am using Richfaces-api-3.3.3.Final.jar.

      Let's say I have the following:


      <rich:tabPanel width="20%">

           <tabs:tab label="Canon">

                <h:outputText value="Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT"/>


      <tabs:tab label="Nikon">

           <h:outputText value="Nikon D70s"/>


      <tabs:tab label="Olympus">

           <h:outputText value="Olympus EVOLT E-500"/>




      Is there a way to programmically based on certain conditions to show the tab Olympus? Is there an rendered attribute when based on a if statement if it is true show the tab if false donot show the tab?


      Any help or hint greatly appreciated it!!

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          Hello Smith,


          Based on the action you perform you can use the rendered and disabled attributes for show hide tab.

          1.When you are doing some action event or action Listener change the variable value to true in the backing bean.



          Initally the variable name called "ShowHideVariable" should be false in the backing bean or in your JPA class.

          2.If you use action Listener it will return the action to the same page with ShowHideVariable = true.

          3.Now the tab need to be rendered and displayed or enabled in the page.


          add some css class for hide and show of the specific tab.