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    In Wildfly, how do you monitor thread pools via JMX?

    Chris Slater Newbie

      Iam running Wildfly 8.1.0 in a domain and am trying to set up some monitoring of various statistics.  I can't seem to get thread pool usage data.


      First of all, I can't seem to find where the web thread pool statistics are in JMX.  Does someone know?


      Secondly, I am putting load on the system but the following values always read 0 and never seem to change:

      MBean: jboss.as:subsystem=ejb3,thread-pool=default  Attribute: activeCount, queueSize

      MBean: jboss.as:deployment=myproject.ear,subdeployment=myproject-web.war,subsystem=undertow,servlet=test.wildfly.TestServlet  Attribute: requestCount


      Am I looking in the wrong places or is there a bug?