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    disable-cross-context tag does not work in jboss-7.1.0

    Kranti Kharche Newbie

      I am also facing same issue while migrating web application from Jboss-4 to Jboss AS 7. In Jboss-4, two applications working properly with cross context configuration in context.xml of jboss-tomcat55.sar. But, when I migrated from 4 to 7 and used "disable-cross-context" as false in both applications' jboss-web.xml files, it does not work.


      I analysed it and found that request traversing from webapp1 to webapp2 is not the same, i.e. request initiated from webapp1 does not propagate to webapp2. Somewhere in the middle, a new requ-contextt gets created which reaches to webapp2.


      Can someone please help me with this issue?


      Thanks in advance.