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    rich:tree selectionChangeListner event queue

    Nandagopal Sekar Newbie



      I have doubt regarding how the selectionChangelistner of the rich:tree and how the events are queued . Let me describe it with an use case.


      1) Create a rich:tree with selectionType="ajax" and selectionChangeListener="#{simpleTreeBean.selectionChanged}"

      1) Select a node on the tree. This will initiate an ajax request and call the simpleTreeBean.selectionChanged() in the invoke application phase.

      2) While the ajax request is in progress. Make another selection on the tree.

      3) As expected the second another ajax request is put in a queue and the request is sent after the render response phase of the first selection.

      4) But simpleTreeBean.selectionChanged() is not invoked the second time around.


      Is this a bug or a feature. Either way how should I proceed ?


      I tried this with richfaces 4.3.7.Final. in jboss 7.1.1 final which uses (jsf 2.1).