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    How do I resolve "Task Node has no work name"

    Stephen Munro Newbie



      I'm extremely new to the world of JBPM and I've recently purchased a copy of JBPM6 Developer guide. I created a repository along with a project and imported a BPML2 file which was included with the book.

      Currently I am unable to build the process due to several "has not work name" errors showing up. I've looked around for details on this and the only answer I've seen is to ensure a task name is provided for

      each node, which I have done. If I don't import the BPMN2 diagram and create it from scratch. I don't get these errors. Is this an issue with the import functionality and/or is there a way of dealing with the "TAsk Node has no work name".


      I'm installed JBPM manually, but downloading 6.1.FINAL and installing it on Wildfly.


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          Kris Verlaenen Master

          BPMN2 has a lot of different types, like user task, business rule task, etc.  You you can also define generic tasks (they show up as <task> in your XML), but they have no execution semantics.  It seems that the example you are trying to import is using such a generic task, this would prevent the process to be built.  It might be worth verifying in designer if all the tasks in your process are morphed into a specific task (like user task etc.), they should have an icon if they are, if not you can still morph them in designer itself.


          So this seems to be an issue with the process XML you are trying to import, not the import functionality itself.