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    Conflict resolution in infinispan cluster

    Hammad Said Newbie

      We have a cluster of four machine running hot hotrod servers, with a distributed cache of two owners. One of the machine machine4 goes off the network (ethernet is unplugged, though the server is still running). What happens when machine rejoins the network (with ethernet cable plugged back in). Specifically


      a) What if there is an entry( key1, value1) in machine 4 that has been updated while machine4 is off the network. The new value on machine1, and machine2 is (key1, value2). Which value would take precedence? Is there a setting to change that?


      b) When machine4 goes off the network, it consider itself the sole member in the cluster as do other three members (machine1, machine2, machine3) considering themselves as forming a cluster. Which one is the cluster? Or we have two separate clusters at this point? Does it matter if machine4 has been a coordinator in the previous view before it is disconnected?