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    Webservices (only) on a different context root - Undertow configuration

    Ulrich K Newbie


      I'm currently migrating an application from JBoss5 to JBoss8.


      There is one (legacy) problem which I couldn't resolve yet: Webservices were available under a different context root than the remainder of the application (servlets and facelets). The naming was "/name-name" instead of "/name".


      Now I want to still support this in JBoss8 to make the transition easier on the clients.


      I tried several approaches. Especially I tried my luck with configuring Undertow.

      Using the "location" parameter of a <host> but that one needs a handler which I don't really know how to configure.


      I found the documentation Undertow (web) subsystem configuration - WildFly 8 - Project Documentation Editor but it only lists one handler type "file" which would only serves static files. (This finding is also backed by my looking into the source code. (?))


      Something else I found is the annotation @WebContext - with the parameter contextRoot - which still seems to be present in Wildfly but putting this anywhere changes the context root for the whole application.



      So in short: Is there any way to have different context roots for different parts of one application?