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    jboss as 7

    Olaf Van Hemelryck Newbie



      I'm evaluating jboss dev studio 8 with jboss eap 6.1 for our migration from oc4j (oracle app server).

      We want to setup our environment with multiple standalone instances on 1 virtual machine (not using domain).

      2 of our web applications will be deployed on seperate standalone instances, but require single sign on.


      I followed this guide (JBoss AS 7.1.1 Web SSO (Non-Clustered)) to setup sso and this works fine if the 2 web apps are deployed on the same standalone instance.

      When I create a seperate standalone instance following this guide (How to define multiple jboss 7 server instances based on the standalone folder using eclipse juno and jboss tools 4.0), then this does not work (what I expected).


      Can anyone help me configuring the sso sample in order to make it work on 2 seperate standalone instances?




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          Adil Arif Newbie

          Although, it maybe a bit off topic, but have you considered using Keycloak instead of a Tomcat Valve approach for doing SSO? Keycloak is pretty simple to setup. Also, Tomcat is being replaced by Undertow in JBoss EAP 7 so you may run into upgrade issues.

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            Olaf Van Hemelryck Newbie

            I'm open to suggestions, so I'll have a look at the Keycloak solution.


            Does Keycloak meet the requirements?

            - 2 webapplications

            - 2 server instances (standalone)

            - SSO

            - custom security provider


            Any help is greatly appreciated, because I can't find any documentation about this ..