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    How to include xsd files in a ShrinkWrap WebArchive?


      I have a simple 'contact first' web application, using the jax-ws maven plugin's wsimport task to generate the web service artifacts.


      Is there a working example of including maven project files as resources not located the the Maven /src/main/resources or src/test/resources directories? [A working example would be good to add to the documentation or 'showcase']


      The wsdl and schema are located in src/main/wsdl and src/main/wsdl/xsd and the wsimport functions as expected [default location for wsdl files]


      JBoss 7.1.1 fails to load the ShrinkWrap created WebArchive, complaining that it can't find the xsd file in its expected location


      Caused by: java.io.IOException: Could not find WEB-INF/wsdl/xsd/schemaFile.xsd in the additional metadatafiles!


      Listing the contents of the archive shows an empty /WEB-INF/wsdl tree






      [followed by library jar files]


      I've tried to use WebArchive.addAsWebInfResource() varients [trying all the FileAsset, File and ArchivePath, String "wsdl/xsd" variants of the method] and have only produced the empty directory.


      I have also gotten similar non-results when using the JavaArchive version.