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    Unable to retrieve Drone Instance within 60 seconds

    Dhana kumar Newbie


      in my arquillian test, I am trying to inject WebDriver.



      WebDriver firstWindow;


      here is extension defined arquillian.xml,


      <extension qualifier="webdriver">

          <!-- PhantomJS will be our default browser if no profile is specified-->

              <property name="browser">phantomjs</property>

              <!-- <property name="browserSessionReuse">false</property>

              <property name="ensureCleanSession">true</property> -->



      Unit test is giving this exception.

      java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to retrieve Drone Instance within 60 seconds

        at org.jboss.arquillian.drone.impl.DroneInstanceCreator.createDroneInstance(DroneInstanceCreator.java:89)


      Appreciate if you suggest me whether I missed anything.


      Here is my simple junit test.


      public class LoginScreenGrapheneTest {


        @Deployment(testable = false)

        public static WebArchive createDeployment() {

        return ArchiveProvider.createWebArchive("rootView", RootView.class, ParameterizedNavigationUI.class);





        private WebDriver browser;




        private URL deploymentUrl;



        public void testLoginScreen() {