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    Possible to change the number of processing threads at runtime

    Stuart Williamson Novice

      I am currently throttling back the number of MDB processing threads using StrictMaxPool and the maxSession activation config property. I have specified the same value for each in jboss.xml and ejb-jar.xml, where I allow the values to be overridden by setting a system property using the notation ${mdb.threads:15}. I would now like to change the values at runtime, without a server restart, but this doesn't seem to be possible.


      I have managed to find the MaxPoolSize setting through the JMX console, so I can see that this has been respected, but it cannot be edited. I haven't even been able to find the value for the maxSession activation config property, but this does appear to be respected also.


      Does anybody have any hints on how I might be able to change these values without a server restart?


      I am currently using JBoss 5.1.0, but I am happy to upgrade to a later version if it will give me the functionality that I require.