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    Challenge moving from glassfish 3.1.2 to Wildfly


      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError - moving from glassfish 3.1.2 to Wildfly





      13:12:27,224 ERROR [org.jboss.as.server] (XNIO-1 task-2) JBAS015870: Deploy of deployment "fnds-ear-1.0.0.ear" was rolled back with the following failure message:


          "JBAS014671: Failed services" => {"jboss.deployment.subunit.\"fnds-ear-1.0.0.ear\".\"fnds-rsa-1.0.0.jar\".POST_MODULE" => "org.jboss.msc.service.StartException in service jboss.deployment.subunit.\"fnds-ear-1.0.0.ear\".\"fnds-rsa-1.0.0.jar\".POST_MODULE: JBAS018733: Failed to process phase POST_MODULE of subdeployment \"fnds-rsa-1.0.0.jar\" of deployment \"fnds-ear-1.0.0.ear\"

          Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: JBAS018757: Error getting reflective information for class za.co.fnds.rsa.ejb.RsaStatefulEJB with ClassLoader ModuleClassLoader for Module \"deployment.fnds-ear-1.0.0.ear.fnds-rsa-1.0.0.jar:main\" from Service Module Loader

          Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/rsa/authagent/authapi/AuthAgentException

          Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.rsa.authagent.authapi.AuthAgentException from [Module \"deployment.fnds-ear-1.0.0.ear.fnds-rsa-1.0.0.jar:main\" from Service Module Loader]"},

          "JBAS014771: Services with missing/unavailable dependencies" => [



      This is resolved if I define authapi-1.0.jar as a module and then define as a global module in my standalone-full.xml



      How do I get the ejb application(i.e fnds-rsa) to compile with the jar and use it? Also, how do you make entries of libs into the manifest file using maven





      Attached are my pom.xml's:

      fnds-rsa-pom.xml - the one giving me a problem

      fnds-enterprise-project-pom.xml - the parent

      fnds-persistence-pom.xml - deploy with no issues

      fnds-ear-pom.xml - the ear  I deploy fnds-rsa and fnds-persistence