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    Help with hiding/showing component using a4:ajax

    Jean-Noel Colin Newbie



      I'm trying to make some component displayed based on the value of radio buttons. What I would like to do is that based on the radio selected, the picklist is displayed or not. I have added a 'render' attribute to the picklist that tests a bean attribute, which (in my understanding) should be set when the selectOneRadio's value changes (I also tried with events click and select). I have inserted an a4:ajax component inside the selectOneRadio; the event fires, but the pickList does not toggle.


      Here's capture of my code (couldn't find a proper way to include it in this message)

      Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 16.19.02.png

      I assume that when the radio button's value changes, an event fires which updates the bean value (execute="@this") and rerenders the region, and since the bean value has been changed, the picklist should be displayed or not, dynamically. But obviously, this does not work...


      Would anyone have some idea?


      Best regards