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    Wildfly 8 - Specific listener for a web application

    Aaron Noara Newbie



      I'm new to Jboss/Wildfly (coming from glassfish environment), and I am wondering the following : is it possible to bind an HTTP listener to a specific web application, without creating a new server ?


      It seems http listeners are bound to a server element. If I add several listeners to a server, I will be able to join applications within this server through all the defined listeners (e.g. if I set two listeners, with ports 8081 and 8082, http://host:8081/mywebapp and http://host:8082/mywebapp will work).

      But actually, I want my application to be accessible through port 8081 but not through port 8082. I guess I have no choice but to create a new server, wich mean lauching a new instance of undertow at runtime.

      The same goes for https authentication modes. I may want to have some applications requiring mutual authentications, and some other with server authentication only. Again, it seems the applications have to be deployed in different servers, each bound to the proper listener.


      Am I correct ?