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    How do I create a directory to serve static content in Jboss AS7?

    Free Bee Newbie

      I am a novice to JBoss. Since I am a SysAdmin, and not a Developer, my assignment for this project is to create a directory (read-only) on the server (WIN 2008 R2) so that static images can be accessed through the JBoss AS 7.1.x instance at some URL, say https://customer.ozone.com/logos/company.png for example.

      The desired result is to have the Jboss and the directory that will store the static images in separate location, but on the same server. We want the image files separate from the code.  I guess we are trying to map static files in Jboss like images, which will eliminate the need to do a deploy just to upload an image into our site. Rather, we would want to simply dump the image into a directory, and have our app reference them without the need to stop, deploy the build, and start our server. My developers will plug in some codes which will call the path from a DB table and from the server to get this operational. They will take care of the code and DB table aspect of this project.

      All I have to do is create a directory, and be able to call the image like this: https://customer.ozone.com/logos/company.png

      Base on my scenario, and what I have explained, can a JBoss expert please help me get started and point me in the right direction? First of all provide step-by-step instructions on how I should create this directory (read-only)? What naming convention should I use for this directory base on the example I provided (https://customer.ozone.com/logos/company.png) ? How to test this directory so that I can call to it? Is there some servlet that need to be created? If so, how do I create that?