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    [JBPM6.1-Final] Retrieve all connections (incoming and outgoing) for a given taskId

    Marco Cattarin Newbie


      As per title, I'm trying to fetch from the process repository all the connection of a given task.

      I know the processId, the processInstanceId, the deploymentId and even the taskId but I wasn't able to find a way to retrieve these information so far.

      I've tried using RemoteAPI and REST API but I simply can't access the nodes in order to retrieve the related connections.

      My configuration is the following:

      * Server A (WAS 8.5) *
      - My application calling JBPM deployed on Server B


      * Server B (WAS 8.5) *

      - The JBPM Console


      I successfuly called the console via REST API getting Task and Process detail, but there is no API for connection as far as I know.


      Anyone have an idea how to do this (and if it's feasible of course)?


      Thank you!